Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oil deposit discovered in the Philippines

This maybe a good for the government officials for the discovery of the oil deposit. But sad to say that this might be good for the government if they maintain the said oil deposit to make sure the government and Filipino people will be benefited to this natural resources...

This might bring the Phlippines, into development and wealth. But bad things if this will be for businessman alone to handle and manipulated by those greed political figures in the government.

We are really rich in natural resources but government miss handling all of this and only individuals and politicians being benefited to make them more wealthy as they corrupt the government money...

We hope that this discovery will bring the Philippines development and start of our economic success into global tradings. This resources will be helpful to improve the military capability for us to able protect and defend our territory that no one will embarrassed us.
more details: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/philippines-may-soon-own-vast-gas-rich-area-035003571.html

What is a muslim state

The government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front come up with the negotiation to end the longest cessation in Mindanao, Philippines.

But there's a question in the peace agreement that will criticize by other political figures. Because words "state"...meaning the MILF will allow to create a state on their own? The question now... the state that reiterated by the MILF is under the Philippine government?

It's hard to imagine. Because if they have their own state...they set a government and control the flow of business and government taxes in the area. If that happen they can gather more resources and build their strong forces that someday... the Philippine government did not control them when they ask for independence...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Philippines and China relationship before the conquest

Relation with China
During the rule of Sung Dynasty (960-1127) in China, chinese goods began to flow in a continuous stream into the Philippines.

Chinese colonies were founded in the coastal town of the archipelago. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), other colonies were established in the hinterland.

If we look back into the past. The history of the Filipino culture was originated from China, and other Asian countries. No wonder if the Chinese government claim all those islands and islets in South China Sea.

They will also claims some part of the Philippines, where they colonies in the rule of Ming Dynasty.

But Chinese didn't know that those particular land they claim is also with their own brothers. Because people of the Philippines, is not different from them. The different are the education and religion.

Filipinos are educated not to be greedy but those in China who run the government wanted to be greedy and expand their power at sea most especially the Asian region.

Were both Asian or maybe both chinese in blood. Why those people in the government of China, didn't know about brotherhood? Philippines, is one of the great nation who help them to established. Philippines is the country where they start exploring their products...